Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KRMA Clothing reaches out to loyal customers and KRMA newcomers. KRMA Gets DirtyII

The team at KRMA Clothing wants to reachout & thank all of our loyal customers and KRMA newcomers (join us on Twitter right now!!!!)
To show  thanks and appreciation KRMA has created "KRMA Gets DirtyII".

KRMA Gets DirtyII are blog stories and pictures and videos of the behind the scenes of clothing design.

Print Screens drying in Cali sun.

Yes, the clothing & fashion industry can be fun and glam. However there is a lot of work that goes into a clothing line. And Nic Bowes and KRMA have made it part of the KRMA mantra to be involved with every single step in the clothing line production because "KRMA Gets DirtyII."

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  1. hi i recieved an answer from krma where they asked me a question. I sent the answer long time ago (sseveral times) but never got any answer. WHat's wrong?